Introducing the Power of 10

In the last 10 years, the Women’s Fund has worked with donors, partnered with agencies and guaranteed improvement in the lives of women of all ages, but we have never directly asked women to sound off on the issues and everyday challenges they face.

Throughout the next year, the Women’s Fund will work with 100 men and women from Oshkosh and the NEW North to address the needs of women in our community. In celebration of our 10th anniversary, the Women’s Fund is giving 10 groups $10,000 each to make an impact in the lives of our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

  • 10 Senior Women
  • 10 Working Mothers
  • 10 Single Mothers
  • 10 Young Women (16-18)
  • 10 Young Women (18-21)
  • 10 Fathers of Daughters
  • 10 Educators
  • 10 Law Enforcement/Health Care Providers
  • 10 Women Surviving Poverty
  • 10 Women of the NEW North

To be part of the Power of 10, complete our quick questionnaire before May 15, 2008. Nominate a neighbor, friend, co-worker or family member.

Or, join the dialog online. Throughout the year, we’ll give you the opportunity to offer your opinions on the problems facing each month’s group of 10 (more details and discussion questions to follow).

10 groups. $10,000. 10th anniverary.

Can we count you in?

Submitted by: Samantha Zinth, Women’s Fund Staff

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Power of 10

  1. Amazing presentation today. I am so in awe of what has been accomplished in 10 years, and in what we can accomplish with the “Power of 10!” I am inspired and motivated. Count me in!

  2. The ‘Power of the Purse’ idea continues to grow! We’re still working on using our table’s funds to make an impact; people are asking about my ‘Count Me In’ yard sign. Let’s get more signs out there!! Contact the OACF for signs! Let’s spread the word! Let’s get people asking what it’s all about!

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