The fourth Power of 10 group is young women, 19-21 years old. This group consists of recent high school graduates, college students and a single mother, all in a transitional place in life. They work various jobs in retail sales, childcare and hospitality.

The current economic conditions have greatly affected this group. They are apprehensive about the unknown, so they feel the need to outline a life plan. Their goals include finishing college, going to graduate school, finding a job, getting married and starting a family. Their fears include veering off track from their set “plan”, not making enough money to support themselves, and lack of financial literacy (401k, investments, etc).

As one young woman put it, “our generation is not going to have the benefits our parents did so we have to be more self-sufficient. “

The second issue identified by the group was mental health and wellness. These women were most concerned about navigating the transition process from student to adult, which is often wrought with anxiety, depression and self-doubt. Addressing how to deal with pressure, build confidence and maintain a healthy body image were of utmost importance.

By the end of meeting, it was clear that the economy is defining this group. Despite the recession, they feel some sense of security by establishing a “plan.” There are a lot of challenges ahead (in the Power of 10 and life), but these young women have the potential to make a big impact.

For more information on the Power of 10, visit

Submitted by: Mindie Boynton, Women’s Fund Communications Committee

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