Determined Dads

The fifth Power of 10 Group is Father’s of Daughters who held their first meeting on Tuesday, December 1st. The group consists of eight dedicated fathers who find their role challenging; it is difficult to balance being the bread winner and a quality father. They would like to be more involved with the lives of their daughters but are limited by time and options.

The goals determined by the group are to motivate un-involved fathers, plan father/daughter events and construct a toolbox for dads. Ideas for the toolbox included developing a website, social media outlets and networking functions.

These fathers are passionate about raising awareness in the community to recognize the importance that fathers matter. These dads are striving to be everyday heroes.

The next meeting of the Power of 10 group “Fathers of Daughters” will be held this Thursday, December 10. Stay tuned to hear more about the next steps for these Determined Dads.

Submitted by: Mindie Boynton, Women’s Fund Communications Committee

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