Dads with a Plan

At the 2nd Father’s of Daughters Power of 10 group meeting the group re-united with a lot of enthusiasm to discuss their action plan. They narrowed down their concerns to focus on the top four ideas that address the issues among fathers of daughters.

The first discussion was the website which would serve as a toolbox for dads offering easy access, support and anonimity. One father shared that his daughter experienced a break-up a few days before the meeting and it would have been nice to have a website to refer to for suggestions on consoling her at the time. It was determined that the challenges of creating a website would be reaching the fathers who need it most, manpower and expense. The other ideas discussed were a mentor program, an awareness campaign and father/daughter events.

One of the fathers identified an existing program in the community offered through the Parent Connection’s Family Services called “Dads Unlimited.” This program offers groups, events, and workshops tailoring to the needs that they could develop and build on. It was decided that the next step would be to meet with the program director to receive more information at the next meeting.

Happy Holidays!

Submitted by: Mindie Boynton, Women’s Fund Communications Committee

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