Power of 10 kicks off health care group

Late last week, the first health care-focused Power of 10 group meeting was held. Health care officials from throughout the city gathered to discuss the health care needs within the Oshkosh community. The organizations represented by the participants on the forum were: Oshkosh Area School District, Affinity Health System,Aurora, Women’s Care of Wisconsin, Healthy Living Clinic and an area dentist.

The group discussed the needs of women and girls at all age groups andthroughout many stages of life. After much discussion of the healthcare needs in our community, the group narrowed down the needs to afew key areas, which they will further discuss during the next two meetings. Key areas they will focus their next conversation are on transportation, diabetes management, dental care and the isolated elderly. From there, the group will decide how to spend $10,000 tomake the lives of girls and women better in our community.

The group of health care professionals will meet again Tuesday, June 22 to narrow down their ideas and begin discussion on how to spend themoney to make resources to help the health and well-being of girls andwomen in our community more available or accessible. The final healthcare discussion will take place June 29.

Submitted by: Mandy Wimmer, Women’s Fund Communications Committee

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