Health care group focuses on dental health

The health care-focused Power of 10 group met for their second meeting on June 22. After much conversation about the health care needs of women and girls in Winnebago County, the health care representatives – from Oshkosh Area School District, Affinity Health System, Aurora Medical Center, Women’s Care of Wisconsin, Healthy Living Clinic and an area dentist – selected dental care as their topic of focus.

The health care representatives agreed that proper dental care is important to overall health, as well as mental health. Furthermore, dental care options are needed for those who live in Oshkosh who do not have the means to travel outside of our community for free or reduced care, the group discussed. The group also discussed the possibility of providing care beyond acute care to help those with more complex dental issues.

The group will take time in the coming weeks to research dental options and possibilities that promote social change for girls and women in the Oshkosh community and will then generate a more solidified idea as it relates to dental health care at the final meeting. The next meeting will be held July 13.

Submitted by: Mandy Wimmer, Women’s Fund Communications Committee

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