Donor Spotlight: Nancy Dirlam

Nancy Dirlam, a supporter of the Help at Home program, moved to Oshkosh in 2004. Continuing her passion of helping others, Nancy knew she wanted to get involved in her new community. During the first Women’s Fund’s Power of the Purse luncheon that Nancy attended a few years back, she learned many startling statistics about the women and girls Imagein Winnebago County. It was then that she opened her heart and her wallet to stretch the power of dollar as far as she could.

“The company I worked for offered a matching component when their employees donated money to a charity,” said Dirlam. “For that I was grateful to see my money go even further toward helping others.”

Nancy’s desire to share good fortune with women shows her compassion for her community. She has a special interest in the Help at Home program because of her passion for supporting healthcare initiatives.

“I was fortunate enough to never have to use the services and programs offered in my community, but my passion for helping people get back on their feet is what motivates me to support such programs as Help at Home,” said Dirlam.

Although still concerned with the support provided to women and children, Nancy remains optimistic for the future and will continue to be a part of the change in the Oshkosh community.

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