The Women’s Fund Walks with Bella Medical Clinic

The Women’s Fund began a journey not too long ago known as the Campaign to End Isolation. For those who do not know, isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being alone. Since launching this social movement, we’ve seen just how far and wide isolation can reach—all ages, every race, any gender.

The Women’s Fund recently teamed up with Bella Medical Clinic for their annual Walk for Life on Saturday, October 5. In place of our isolation booth, the Bella Medical Clinic created an “isolation window.” Someone would stand behind this window, isolated, while everyone else was on the other side. There were 220 people who attended this event and got the chance to learn more about our campaign. Many of them took informational cards and filled out postcards to mail out, while 32 people pledged to end isolation.

“At Bella we truly recognize how isolating an unplanned pregnancy can be, not only for the mother but members of an entire family,” Beth Nemecek, Director of the Bella Medical Clinic said. “But the part that was truly powerful was the number of folks, men and women, who really “got it.” They appreciated that isolation was a factor with unplanned pregnancies, post abortive women and the families these situations affected.”

As we continue down the road towards ending isolation, The Women’s Fund hopes to create this same kind of awareness and social change in all other parts of our community as well. If you have ideas on how to help the campaign, email us at

Bella Window 2

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