My Experience Interning for The Women’s Fund — By Alicia Gehrig

I am currently entering my fifth year at UW-Oshkosh majoring in Human Services Leadership and Minoring in Social Justice and Psychology. Within the Human Services field, we have a requirement to complete a total of two internships: one 120 hour internship and one 280 hour internship. I decided to fulfill my 120 hour internship with the Women’s Fund of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation and I couldn’t have picked a better organization.

When reading through the descriptions of different organizations that I could choose from, the Women’s fund really stood out to me. I had little knowledge of what the Women’s fund did but I had high hopes that I would have a great experience working with the Girls Granting Initiative. My first day at the Women’s Fund I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was so kind and I got the vibe that my time with this group would be a beneficial and inspiring one.

Mean Muggin'

A lot of my time was used in preparation for the two days toward the end of the spring semester when the Girls Granting Initiative would take place. Being able to bring together 15 high school girls from the community to educate and learn about a genuine philanthropic experience was a great opportunity. I watched and learned as the girls chose to focus their granting dollars (an amount supported by Women’s Fund donors and the JJ Keller Foundation) on middle school girls and the difficulties that come with transitioning from middle school to high school. After having five different organizations pitch their program ideas to the girls, the Girls Granting Initiative chose a program called 4-Real by Catalpa Health–a program that will begin in Fall 2015 and focus solely on pairing middle school girls with mentors to help them through various aspects of middle school life.

group photo

The relationships, leadership skills, and communication skills that I have developed throughout this experience will stay with me forever. Thank you, Women’s Fund, for allowing me this wonderful time as an intern.

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