Why I Want To Be A Police Officer — As told by a fifth grader

Oftentimes we share stories from the Women’s fund that have a huge impact on our community. But we also have many stories that start very small, and turn into a success years and years down the road. This is what we envision for Jaiden.

Jaiden is a fifth grader at Merrill Elementary. In September she was given the opportunity to participate in a Police Exploration Day thanks to a special Women’s Fund donor. Jaiden got to explore what it was like to be a police officer and the different avenues of law enforcement. Here’s what she had to say about it, and if you can’t quite read the letter, you can read the paragraph below.

Police Exploration Day

“I think that becoming an officer or being in law enforcement is important because you get to help other people by helping them find someone that is lost. I can find the person who has robbed someone or a place. I can make my community a better place by making sure no one gets hurt or to make sure no one hurts themselves. I think that being in law enforcement is important because you can do so many things like be a detective, deputy, sheriff, and state patrol. If you become an officer or in law enforcement you learn to protect and serve. Protecting and serving are very important.

When you’re in law enforcement you get to investigate on many different scenes. I would like to be a cop when I get older because I love to  help people. I also love mysteries so I could be a great investigator. I think that being a cop is great because you can do so many things. I want to be a police officer because I want to help and protect people. I like to protect people because some people need help and I can help them.”

Go Jaiden!!!

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