Send your student to Lori Greiner!

It’s that time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions.  Here’s one for you: act on something you’ve been thinking about or wanting to do.  It may be an idea or an innovative concept that you’ve been tossing around. Think of Lori Greiner, our speaker for this year’s Power of the Purse Luncheon.  She realized a need, formulated an idea which evolved into her famous jewelry armoire that ultimately transformed her into the multi-million dollar mogul she is today!

If you know of a high school student with an idea for a product or business, send them our way! The Women’s Fund will be sponsoring a student competition for budding entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and out-of-the-box dreamers on May 19 (the day of the luncheon). This fun event will be judged by Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner, the “queen of QVC.” Lori will listen to the students as they pitch their ideas, rank them, and then the top students will receive the largest scholarship amount. (which means no one walks away empty handed!)

To be considered as a finalist in the student competition, we will need to meet the students ahead of time and they’ll be expected to present their ideas to our panel of judges. If you know a student or group of students that would be interested, please call us at 920-426-3993.

As Lori would say, “this one’s a hero!” So for that reason…


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