Pilot Program Tackles Generational Poverty

In collaboration with Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services and Evergreen Retirement Community, the Women’s Fund is working to end generational poverty – one family at a time. We understand that the cycle of poverty will forever continue if the first generation does not get to a place of self – sufficiency.


The pilot program RISE 2.0 is a transitional living program, working with single mothers and their families to provide services and programs to help achieve their self-sufficiency goal within a 36-month period. Families are required to contribute to program fees and basic utilities depending on their adjusted gross income. The mothers are also required to attend weekly educational trainings, including money management, parenting skills and one-on-one meetings with Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services staff.

Currently the program has two family homes located on the Evergreen Retirement Community property. The first family moved in this past February and the second family moved in July. We are excited and hopeful that this program will give these mothers and their families the support they need to become self-sufficient. Follow us as we work to help eliminate poverty – one family at a time.

Why is this new program necessary?

Ten years ago, the first Status of Women in Northeast Wisconsin report was published and revealed startling information regarding women and poverty. In 2017, the report was updated and the statistics regarding women and poverty only worsened. It was evident to the Women’s Fund that something needed to be done to end generational poverty and help single mothers. The following statistics are the reason RISE 2.0 was created. Page Pilot House Slide



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